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A guide to the history of Juneteenth, ways to observe the holiday, and resources for learning more from the DI Library

2021 Juneteenth Guest Speaker

Sponsored by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

Colorism 101: Starting the Conversation

Wednesday, June 16th
5:00 - 6:00 PM PDT

Dr. Webb uses a multicultural and intersectional framework to help participants understand colorism as a unique system of global oppression that is related to racism yet distinct in significant ways. In this specific session, participants will leave with a foundational understanding of colorism, tools for self-reflecting on how colorism relates to their lives, and strategies for initiating productive conversations about colorism.




"Colorism is the social marginalization and systemic oppression of people with darker skin tones and the privileging of people with lighter skin tones. I launched Colorism Healing in July 2013 to dig deeper and find solutions."
    - Dr. Webb, Colorism Healing


More about Dr. Sarah Webb:

Dr. Sarah L. Webb is an Assistant Professor in the department of English and Modern Languages at the University of Illinois Springfield where she teaches creative writing, literature, and cultural studies. She launched the global initiative Colorism Healing in 2013 to raise awareness and foster individual and collective healing through creative and critical work. Dr. Webb’s myriad efforts to address colorism include designing a course on global colorism at UIS, hosting an international writing contest, publishing books, consulting, speaking, leading workshops on colorism, and mentoring youth and students across the world from Sacramento, California to Sydney, Australia. Dr. Webb has written and contributed to several academic and non-academic articles, presented at national conferences, and been featured as a guest on regional NPR stations, including WBEZ Chicago’s Afternoon Shift and BYU Radio’s Top of Mind. She has also been a guest on the national streaming network Fox Soul TV and has recently been featured in the Illinois Times and on the TEDx stage. One of Dr. Webb’s favorite pastimes is providing edutainment on social media, especially Instagram and TikTok. She relocated to Illinois from Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2018, and is proud to have survived winter in the Midwest for three consecutive years. Dr. Webb is blessed with an amazing nephew and niece who always remind her of what’s most important in life.