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Physical Geography Practice Quiz: Global Winds I

Test your knowledge with this physical geography practice quiz


Use the schematic of the globe below to answer the following questions.

Diagram of global winds, with bands marked by letters A through M

1. Referring to the generalized schematic of global circulation patterns, is the band marked G a region of generally high pressure or low pressure?


2. What do we call the region of the band marked G?


3. Is precipitation generally high or low in the band marked G?


4. The band marked H is a region of steady, reliable winds. What are these winds called?


5. Is the band marked M a region of prevailing high pressure or low pressure?


6. The band marked E is between about 20 and 35 degrees north. Is this region characterized by high or low pressure? Is it characterized by high or low temperatures? Is it characterized by rising or subsiding air?


7. In which bands would subpolar low pressure cells be found?


8. The band marked J is a zone of prevailing winds. What are these winds called?


9. There are two regions of hot, dry air and unreliable winds, where sailors are often becalmed. These regions are called the horse latitudes. In which bands are the horse latitudes found?