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Physical Geography Practice Quiz: Rocks II

Test your knowledge with this physical geography practice quiz


1. What do we call rock formed from magma that cools deep below the surface of the Earth?

A. Sedimentary

B. Extrusive igneous

C. Lava

D. Intrusive igneous

E. Metamorphic


2. What do we call sedimentary rock composed of calcite, formed when calcium carbonate is chemically precipitated or accumulated as the result of organic activity on the sea floor?

A. Marble

B. Granite

C. Limestone

D. Schist

E. Shale


3. How do we classify sedimentary rocks that have formed from fragments of pre-existing rocks, cemented together by pressure or chemical action?

A. Clastic sedimentary

B. Metamorphosed sedimentary

C. Conglomerate

D. Chemical sedimentary

E. Foliated sedimentary


4. Which of the following is most likely to be a dark, fine-textured volcanic rock, with a composition that is high in iron and magnesium and low in silica?

A. Gabbro

B. Shale

C. Granite

D. Marble

E. Basalt


5. Which of the following is a coarse-textured intrusive igneous rock, high in silica content (the minerals are mostly quartz and feldspars)?

A. Gabbro

B. Basalt

C. Rhyolite

D. Marble

E. Granite


6. What do we call metamorphic rock in which the minerals are lined up parallel to each other in layers?

A. Foliated

B. Clastic

C. Lithified

D. Magmatic

E. Nonfoliated


7. What do we call coarse-textured, clastic sedimentary rock formed from rounded fragments of gravel cemented together?

A. Sandstone

B. Conglomerate

C. Shale

D. Breccia

E. Granite


8. What kind of rock is rock salt, which has been formed by the precipitation of minerals from solution?

A. Nonfoliated metamorphic

B. Chemical sedimentary

C. Intrusive igneous

D. Clastic sedimentary

E. Plutonic


9. Shale is a fine-textured sedimentary rock formed principally from particles of what?

A. Sand

B. Clay

C. Calcite

D. Quartz

E. Organic carbon


10. What do we call coarse-grained, foliated metamorphic rock in which the light and dark minerals have separated into parallel layers or bands?

A. Marble

B. Granite

C. Slate

D. Schist

E. Gneiss