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Kravet Resource Center

Your guide to using the Kravet Resource Center and eDesignTrade as a DI student


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Logging in

Go to

Enter your user name and password and click LOGIN. Note: If you do not yet have a student account for eDesignTrade, click here to request one.

On the eDesignTrade welcome screen, click Enter. This will take you to the eDesignTrade home page and a message reminding you that you may order up to 10 memo samples at a time.

Finding Fabrics on eDesignTrade

Look Up a Specific Pattern

If you already know the pattern number of the fabric, click Product Information & Ordering on the eDesignTrade home page. Enter the pattern number (the color number is optional) and click Inquire. (If you did not specify a color in your search, you will need to select one now.) This will bring up the full information page for that material.

Browse Fabric Ebooks

To browse all the fabrics in a particular book, click e-Books on the eDesignTrade home page. Select a Category, Collection or Brand from the drop-down menus to see a virtual bookcase with all the e-books available for that selection. Then click on a book to browse through the fabrics in that book. Click Check Stock & Pricing to view the Product Information page for that fabric.

Search by Design Criteria

To search by color, type of material, type of pattern, or price range, go to Product Search on the eDesignTrade home page and select one of the search options. Each allows you to search fabrics, wall coverings, trimmings, hardware, carpets, and furniture.

Fabric Information

The information page for a particular material includes the pattern number, color number, dimensions, retail price, durability, and cleaning information. It also notes the percentage of recycled content and whether the fabric itself can be recycled.

Sample Availability

At the bottom of the product information page, check the Number of Memos in Stock. If there are memo samples in stock, you are likely to receive a sample quickly. If there are no memo samples in stock, Kravet may not be able to fill your request.

Discontinued Fabrics

The product information page also lists the Status of the material. If it is Active, the fabric is still being produced. If it is Discontinued, the fabric is no longer being produced. However, a discontinued material may still have memo samples in stock.

Finding Furniture

Search by Design Criteria

To search by type of furniture, brand or collection, click Product Search on the eDesignTrade home page and select one of the search options. You will then be able to search furniture, as well as fabrics, wall coverings, trimmings, hardware, and carpets.