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Sustainable Building Rating Systems

DI Library's guide to resources on sustainable rating systems for buildings and interiors

What is LEED?

What types of projects can be certified under LEED?

There are several different LEED rating systems for different types of projects.

How do projects achieve certification?

A project must meet all the LEED Prerequisites to achieve certification. For LEED v4, a building must be in a permanent location on existing land, must use reasonable boundaries to evaluate the project, and must meet the size requirements for the appropriate LEED rating system.

Each LEED rating system is made up of credit categories such as water efficiency, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, and sustainable sites. A project can earn LEED credits in each category, and the total number of credits earned determines the level of certification.

A project must earn a minimum number of credits to be LEED Certified at all, and additional credits will earn the project a LEED Silver, LEED Gold, or LEED Platinum Certification.

How does a project earn LEED credits?

There are nine categories in which a project can earn LEED credits: