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A guide to research using the print collections and online databases of the DI Library as well as open-access resources

Search Tips

When you search, try different terms and combinations, both broad and narrow:

  • For example: French Baroque chair, Baroque chair, Baroque furniture, French Baroque, French chair, French furniture

As you look through your search results, make note of other terms used so that you can search for those as well.

  • For example: after searching for sustainable design, you notice that many articles discuss passive design, and you search for that next

Use quotation marks to enclose phrases:

  • For example: search for "San Diego River" with quotation marks to make sure that your results mention the San Diego River specifically; this will filter out results that mention only other rivers in San Diego

Use database tools (usually on the left) to narrow your search results. Here are some of the most useful filters:

  • Full text
  • Peer reviewed
  • Publication date
  • Language
  • Document type - Article and Feature are your best bets for most purposes